Episode 1: Ghouls At The Whaley House

On the first episode of Ghouls Gone Wild we decided to dive right into what is known as the most haunted house in America: The Whaley House. If you’ve listened to our inaugural episode you know that The Whaley House is located in San Diego, California, and that we visited this spooky house in the spring of 2012. If you’re not interested in ghosts, you might not be on the right website. Were you thinking of Girls Gone Wild? This is a very different thing.

Most of the information we found on the Whaley family, including their tragic deaths and the various reports of apparitions and hauntings, comes from the Whaley House website: http://whaleyhouse.org/

Here are a few of our favorite pictures from our spooktacular visit!

Whaley House Living Room
The living room


Whaley House Creepy Dolls
Nothing creepy or upsetting about a room full of dolls.
Whaley House Ghost Picture
Is it a ghost?!?!?! Probably not. But maybe! But probably not.
Whaley House Ghost Encounters
The dining room, where many (including Christina) experience shortness of breath and dizziness
Whaley House Courthouse
The courthouse
Whaley House Haunted Tour
Our incredible tour guide Jokie
Whaley House Ghost Tour
Spook City, USA

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