Episode 2: Spooks at the White House

What kind of spooky hijinks are going on in the White House? Join us on the second episode of Ghouls Gone Wild as we talk about the spirits haunting Washington D.C. and the many reported sightings of two particularly popular ghosts: Abe Lincoln and Dolley Madison.

In this episode, Christina and I discuss our trip to Washington D.C. in the spring of 2014. It was the first time either of us had been there and, naturally, we decided to go on a ghost tour. All of the information on the tour we took (Ghosts of Lafayette Park) as well as additional tours can be found here: http://amerighost.com/washington-dc-ghost-tours/.

We found most of our information about the many people who have claimed to see the ghosts of Abe Lincoln and Dolley Madison from the articles below:



Have you had any spooky encounters in Washington D.C.? Do you have a ghost story to tell? Submit your story here or email us at ghoulsgonewildpodcast@gmail.com.

Thanks for listening.

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