Episode 3: Spirits in the Cape

In episode 3 of Ghouls Gone Wild we dive into a truly spooky part of America: Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Listen as we talk about a perplexing ghost tour in the town of Barnstable (including a trip to the oldest wooden jail in America), discuss Cape Cod’s ghostly inhabitants, tell the story of a very haunted inn, and quote 90s song lyrics in an embarrassing fashion.

We visited Cape Cod in June of 2017 for a 4 day trip, and of course we had to do a ghost tour while we were there. The tour that we decided to take was through the Cape and Islands Paranormal Research Society, also known as CAIPRS. They have multiple tour offerings in Cape Cod – including one that allows you to go ghost hunting with professional ghost hunters – as well as overnight options. The tour that we decided to take was called the “Barnstable Village Haunted and History Walking Tour” and took about 90 minutes. More information on the tours can be found here: CAIPRS

Neither of us felt too much spookiness during the tour until the last stop: The Old Jail. The jail is estimated to have been constructed somewhere between 1690-1700 and is the oldest wooden jail in America. The conditions in this jail were less than ideal – prisoners were housed in tiny jail cells with no windows or access to sunlight, and they suffered from unsanitary living conditions, hunger, dehydration and even death. You can find out more information about Barnstable’s haunted history here: Barnstable History

Our tour guide also brought us to Cobb’s Hill Cemetery, which is said to have a tremendous amount of ghost activity.


We also discussed the Orleans Waterfront Inn, a haunted inn in Orleans, Massachusetts that is inhabited by several spirits. There are multiple articles and TV episodes about this inn, including a Ghost Hunters episode that Christina mentions in the podcast. The Orleans Waterfront Inn has all of these posted on their website: Orleans Waterfront Inn

Thanks for listening, and don’t forget to¬†submit your ghost story!


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