Episode 4: Gwisin in the Land of the Morning Calm

안녕하세요! In Episode 4 of Ghouls Gone Wild we journey abroad to South Korea, also known as the Land of the Morning Calm. Listen as we talk about the many spirits in South Korea (known as “gwisin”), a ghost tour that journeyed through the dark side of Seoul, Korean myths and legends, and our own odd superstitions.

In this episode we discussed several different kinds of spirits in South Korea. “Gwisin”, or 귀신, is a general term for “ghost” in Korean. Gwisin are usually women, though there are male gwisin as well. You can read more about the various kinds of gwisin here: The Most Famous Korean Ghosts 

We also talked about Korean myths and legends: Korean Urban Legends

We broke down some of the most famous haunted locations on a ghost tour called The Dark Side of Seoul. Seoul, Korea’s capital city, is an exciting and fast paced city full of animal cafes, incredible food, lively nightlife, and odd pizza toppings (I love you Korea, but corn and squid on pizza is never a good idea). The tour guide was lovely and gave a ton of fascinating information on Seoul’s dark and bloody history. He also looked like Professor Lupin:

Professor Lupin teaching us how to defeat boggarts

You can find our more about the Dark Side of Seoul tour and, if you’re in Korea, reserve your tickets here: The Dark Side of Seoul

We began the episode by reading from Alvin Schwartz’s Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark;  you find the complete set of books here: Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

This blog post wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t end it with some penis statues from Ulsan and Jeju. Enjoy.

Thanks for listening. Pizza time!


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