Episode 5: Phantoms in the Ocean State

Welcome back, ghouls! In episode 5 we venture to Rhode Island to discuss a ghost tour in Newport, tell the story of a famous haunting in Harrisville (the events that inspired the movie The Conjuring), debate which supernatural beings we’d like to be, and spook each other with ghostly tales.

We started the episode with Christina’s experience of a ghost tour in Newport. In the episode Christina talks about how she took hundreds of pictures on the tour but that she didn’t see much in the pictures. But looking back at her pictures of Blood Alley, she noticed a dark, ominous spot in a few of her photos.

It could be a trick of the light, but there’s no denying the dark spot is pretty creepy. With interesting stories and plenty of time to explore the areas, this tour is definitely worth checking out! You can find all of the information about the tour here: Ghosts of Newport.

You can find the Ghost Hunters episode about Seaview Terrace that Christina talked about here: Dark Shadows. You can also find more information about the mansion and see pictures on their website: Seaview Terrace

We also told the real life story of the Old Arnold Estate, the events of which inspired the 2013 horror movie The Conjuring. The most famous spirit in the house by far is Bathsheba Sherman, who was the central villain in the movie.

newport 4
No thank you.

We found most of our information about the real life events of the Perron family and their terrifying experience inside the Arnold Estate here: History of the Perron Family.  As I said in the episode, Andrea Perron ended up writing a book called House of Darkness, House of Light, which gives more in depth information on her firsthand experience with the various ghosts inside the house. Immediately after we recorded, Christina made me watch the Paranormal Witness episode that she mentions in the podcast. The episode was just as creepy as she promised and is definitely worth a watch if you want to learn more about the aggressive hauntings that were said to have taken place. Find the episode here: The Real Conjuring

Thanks so much for listening! As always, if you have a ghost story of your own, or any spooky/weird story that you’d like to have us read on the air, please submit it here or email us at ghoulsgonewildpodcast@gmail.com.




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