Episode 12: Panic at the Borden House

Did Lizzie Borden really take an axe and give her mother forty whacks? In this episode of Ghouls Gone Wild we discuss the murders that took place in the Borden House in Fall River, Massachusetts, and the many ghostly inhabitants that are said to reside there today.

You can find more details about the trial of Lizzie Borden here and more information about the various ghosts that still haunt the house here. There are also several movies and TV episodes about Lizzie Borden, including Ghost AdventuresGhost HuntersLizzie Borden Took an Ax (a Lifetime movie starring Christina Ricci), and Lizzie starring Chloë Sevigny.

You can find out how to stay overnight at the Borden House here.

Do you have a ghost story that you’d like to be featured on the podcast? Email us at ghoulsgonewildpodcast@gmail.com!

Thanks for listening! Pizza time ~

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